Our Cat and Baby Are Learning to Play With Each Other

When we got married, we got a kitten as a pet. Then a couple years later, we had our first baby. We weren’t sure how to two would get along. At first, it was a little awkward, but they’re starting to develop a unique friendship:

Our first concern was whether our baby would be allergic to the cat. That would’ve been the worst. But for now, he seems fine.

Our cat, name Katniss (yes, that’s from the Hunger Games), was first a little apprehensive about baby Emerson. She wasn’t sure who this new person in the house was. She then learned this was a baby, and willingly tolerated him for as he tried to pull her hair.

But then they started developing a friendship. They hug each other, sit together, and even play chase together.

Do you have both children and pets? How do they get along?

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