Road Trip to Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona

We took a road trip from California to Arizona to visit the famous Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend. It’s a long drive for our 10-month old baby, so we split the trip up into 2 legs and stayed overnight in Las Vegas, a good midway point.

Antelope Canyon

This is a narrow canyon that you can walk through. What’s unique are the high carved walls and the sunlight that peaks through. There are 2 parts of the canyon: the Upper and the Lower. Both a require that you book a tour through a company in order to see it. Morning tours are much cooler, but it’s the noon tours where you see the rays of sunlight shining into the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend

This is a winding river canyon that eventually turns into the Grand Canyon. The parking lot can get pretty crowded, and the it’s about a mile hike from the main road with no shade, so plan accordingly. However, renovations are being done to expand and update visitor accommodations.

Travel Tips

  • Some places are good to visit only some times of the year. Arizona is a horrible place to visit in the summer, which we did and learned from. The heat was unbearable, and as beautiful as these places were, we just couldn’t spend much time admiring them because of the heat, especially for our baby.
  • For road trips, consider breaking up the journey if it’s a long one, especially for younger kids. Make the stops into fun destinations rather than seeing them as just pit stops.
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