San Diego & La Jolla

We took a weekend trip to San Diego and La Jolla in southern California. It’s a great area with beautiful beaches and lots of sights to see.

Cabrillo National Monument

This historical landmark sits at the end of a peninsula overlooking San Diego harbor and has stunning 360 degree views. Definitely a place to check out.

Downtown San Diego

The city is really easy and fun to get around. It’s very walkable, with a good network of public transportation as well.

Hotel Del Coronado

Located over the bridge on the Coronado peninsula, this is a historic and extravagant hotel. It’s really expensive to stay in, but visitors can roam around the hotel and have some drinks and food on the outdoor bar.

Coronado Beach

Right next to the Hotel Del Coronado is a large stretch of beach. It’s pretty crowded and parking is tough to find, but the long, flat coastline makes it great for kids to play.

Sunset Cliffs

Perfect for watching sunset. This range of cliffs have several paths that you can walk along, and there are even portions where people go cliff jumping.

La Jolla Cove

About half an hour north of San Diego is the community of La Jolla. It’s got a cove that’s full of seals and sea lions that you can get pretty close to. There is snorkeling and kayaking, and the seals and sea lions will often swim right next to you – though you don’t want to touch them.

Travel Tips

  • When looking for a place to stay, map out the different places you want to visit and try to find someplace close or central to the majority of those locations so you don’t have to zig zag all over the city.
  • If you dare, try riding an electric scooter. They may look silly, but it’s a great way to explore the downtown area of a city.
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