Collaborate With Us

If you’re a brand looking for targeted exposure and authentic, user-generated content, we’d love to partner with you. We’re a Southern California family that runs social media accounts around kid-friendly activities and places to visit.

In exchange for complimentary products, experiences, or stays, we’ll create quality video and written posts on our social media platforms, YouTube, and blog.

Social Media Stats

You might consider us a micro-influencer. We have a small but targeted following mostly Gen-X and Millennial parents in Los Angeles and Orange County.
As of June 15, 2024:


Followers: 4.3k
Engagement: 20%


Followers: 4.8k
Engagement: 10%


Subscribers: 1.9k
Views: 25.3k past 28 days


Visitors: 662 past 28 days

Ways to Collaborate with Us


Kids gear that fits in with travel, such as clothing, backpacks, luggage, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. We will review them in the context of one of our travel videos.


Free admission for our family of 4 to theme parks, indoor play spaces, museums, ride rentals, etc. As this aligns with what our content is about, these will receive a full review and feature in our travel videos.


Complimentary hotel or Airbnb stays. We will feature stay in our travel videos, along with highlighting attractions in the area.

How to Partner With Us

We’re thrilled to partner with you. We accept complimentary products, experiences, and stays, and do not require any additional payment for sponsorships. We will agree on the method and nature of posts prior to receiving what you have to offer.

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