Mt Baldy Sledding and Snow Play Area for Kids Near Los Angeles

Mount Baldy is a great place for snow play and sledding that’s easy to access, has a big area to play, and is close to the Los Angeles area. When it rains during the winter in Los Angeles, it snows up in the Angeles National Forest, and there are a lot of snow play areas for kids and families in the nearby mountains. One of our favorite places to go is Mount Baldy, about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • Overview
  • Location
  • Food & Lodging
  • Tips When Visiting
  • Videos

Overview of Mt Baldy

Features – Why You Should Visit

Mount Baldy is a short and easy drive. Compared to places like Big Bear, Mount Baldy is much closer. From downtown Los Angeles, it’s about an hour. You go up the mountain to the end of the road and is a really easy find. So depending on where you live, it’s much easier to go for a quick day trip.

There’s a big snow play area. There’s a ton of space, so you don’t feel like everyone is crowded into a small area off the side of the road. There is flat ground and hills, for any type of snow play you want.

Environment – What It’s Like

The snow play area is large. There are lots of trees around, as well as a large open area. Some places are flat for snow play. There a small valley that looks a bit like half pipe, and is great for sledding down. The scenery is beautiful, with mountains all around.

Location – Getting to Mt Baldy

Address & Directions

This address is the closest marker to the snow play area:

Manker Campground
7980 Mt Baldy Rd
Mt Baldy, CA 91759

Wherever you’re coming from, there’s only one way up to Mt Baldy. Head to the 210 Freeway towards the location. If you’re heading east, you’ll exit on Monte Vista. If you’re heading west, you’ll exit on Mountain Ave. Go north and you’ll connect to Mt Baldy Rd. Take that all the up the mountain to the end.

As you head up Mt Baldy Rd, you’ll wind back and forth for some great views, and pass through the main town of Mt Baldy. As you get closer to the destination, you’ll see a lot of small snow play patches with cars parked on the side of the road – don’t get distracted by them! Drive a little further, it’s worth it.

Once you get to the destination, you’ll see the road split and parking available on the side and in the middle. The snow play area is huge on your right hand side. If you the end of the road at Mt Baldy Ski resort, you’ve gone too far.


The snow play area has designated parking spots on either side of the road, but these can fill up pretty quickly. You’ll need a National Forest Adventure Pass to park for the day, which is $5. If you happen to have an America the Beautiful Interagency National Park Pass, that will also work.

Facilities – Water & Restrooms

There are no water fountains or restrooms near the snow play area, so it’s important to bring water and use the restroom before heading up the mountain. There is the small town center of Mt Baldy just 10-15 minutes before the snow play area, but businesses will only allow customers to use the restrooms.

Food & Lodging Nearby Mt Baldy


There are plenty of restaurants at the base of the mountain before you head up, but there’s only one on the way up the mountain. That’s Mt Baldy Lodge, a small diner in a town center about half way up.

6777 Mt Baldy Rd Mount Baldy, CA 91759

Places to Stay

Visiting from out of town and want to stay in the area for a bit? Here are some recommendations:

DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont

Hotel with a pool, hot tub, and breakfast available, located at the base of the mountain.

Mt Baldy Lodge Cabins

Managed by the same business as the restaurant, this is a set of cozy cabins located in the town mid-way up the mountain and is right next to the restaurant.

Tips When Visiting Mount Baldy

  • Start driving early. During the winter, and especially on the weekends, it can get really crowded. Try to get to the base of the mountain before 8am, and it’ll take you about 30 minutes to drive up. If you arrive after 10am, it could easily take over an hour.
  • Go to the bathroom before you head up the mountain. This is a good idea for any mountain trip. The drive up is usually only 30 minutes, but on some occasions, there’s some incident which backs up the 2-lane road, so it could easily take over an hour just to get up the mountain.
  • Download your maps. Make sure you plot the directions before you go up since there’s no reception as you’re driving up there. Some phones let you pre-download the map.
  • Pick up your trash. Bring a bag to take all your trash back with you, and don’t leave sleds or broken pieces of sleds on the snow. Keep the environment clean for everyone to enjoy.

Videos of Visiting Mount Baldy

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