Wrightwood Sledding and Snow Play for Kids

Wrightwood is a great place for snow play and sledding that’s easy to get to, has a lot of different snow play areas, and is close to the Los Angeles area. Being on the north side of the mountains facing away from the sun, there’s a decent about of snow throughout the winter season. It’s an easy drive that’s about an hour and a half from Los Angeles.

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • Overview
  • Location
  • Food & Lodging
  • Tips When Visiting
  • Video

Overview of Wrightwood

Features – Why It’s Great for Snow Play

Wrightwood is a short and easy drive. Wrightwood is a closer drive Ccompared to places like Big Bear. From downtown Los Angeles, it’s about 1.5 hours. There’s also not a lot of of windy mountain driving like other places.

There’s a lot of snow play areas. Both before and after the town of Wrightwood, there are plenty of free, public areas for snow play, so you’ll definitely find an open spot.

Environment – What Wrightwood is Like

There are multiple snow play areas in Wrightwood. Most of off of Highway 2, that goes through the town of Wrightwood. There are spaces off the side of the road to play in, and many have parking lots available. Wherever you are, you’ll see beautiful scenic mountains on both sides.

Snow Play Locations

Here is a list of some of the more popular snow play locations around Wrightwood.

The first one doesn’t really have an identifying marker. But right before you enter the residential part of Wrightwood, there is an informal parking area off the side of Hwy 2, and a nice slope on the other side for sledding.

Parking Lot in Wrightwood – This is a public parking lot with a moderate sized field next to it. If there’s enough snow, the field is covered and great for snow play.
6120 CA-2
Wrightwood, CA 92397

After you pass through the town and get past Mountain High Ski Resort, there are several camping sites in the Angeles National Forest that have great snow play areas. You’ll be able to find small spots for parking.

Table Mountain
Table Mountain Rd
Llano, CA 93544

Inspiration Point Trailhead
Blue Ridge Truck Trail
Valyermo, CA 93563

Grassy Hollow Picnic Area
Valyermo, CA 93563

Apple Tree Campground
24414 Big Pines Hwy
Valyermo, CA 93563

Peavine Campground
Big Pines Hwy
Valyermo, CA 93563

Wrightwood Snow Play is a great resource for more snow play areas in Wrightwood.

Location – Getting to Wrightwood


If you’re coming from the south of the mountains, you’ll head north on the 15, then west on the 138 to loop around to the backside of the mountains. You’ll then take the 2 west, which curves a bit up the mountain and into the town of Wrightwood.


All the snow play areas listed above have small parking areas, though they may get crowded. Avoid parking on the side of the road – if police pass by, they will cite you.

Facilities – Restrooms

Some of the campgrounds have restrooms available. The town of Wrightwood has some restaurants with restrooms, but they are only available for customers. There are also portable restrooms available by the Wrightwood Community Center.

Food & Lodging Nearby Wrightwood


There are a few of restaurants in the town of Wrightwood, but they do get busy on popular days and have can have long wait times:

Places to Stay

If you’re looking to stay the night or weekend in Wrightwood there’s a group of 6 cozy cabins: Grand Pine Cabins

Or, you can search for an available home on Airbnb or VRBO.

Tips When Visiting Wrightwood

  • Head up early. During the winter, and especially on the weekends, it can get really crowded, especially since Mountain High Ski Resort is next to the town and everyone drives up the same road.
  • Go to the bathroom before you head up the mountain. This is a good idea for any mountain trip. Though there are restrooms in town and at the campgrounds, they may be not be as sanitary, especially for kids. We recommend going at the McDonald’s or gas station at the transition from the 15 to the 138 highways.
  • Download your maps. Make sure you plot the directions before you go up since there’s no reception as you’re driving up there, and very weak reception in the town of Wrightwood. Some phones let you pre-download the map.
  • Pick up your trash. Bring a bag to take all your trash back with you, and don’t leave sleds or broken pieces of sleds on the snow. Keep the environment clean for everyone to enjoy.

Video of Visiting Wrightwood

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