Why Kids Should Travel

Children Need to Travel

Travel is essential for child development. It helps open up their worldview and expose them to different environments. This creates curiosity, empathy, and adaptability that will benefit them into adulthood. But you don’t need to travel to far and exotic places. You can find different cultures, unique places, and immersive experiences right in your own city… if you look.

It’s Hard Finding Places to Go

As parents, we know how hard it is to take our kids to new and fun places. It takes time to research and find things to do, and going into an unknown environment can be stressful. So we often default to going to the same parks and movie theaters we always go to, or just stay at home. We’re here to help you overcome that challenge and provide you with suggestions for places to start.

We’re a Family in Southern California

We’re a family of 4 in living right on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County, so the majority of our outing recommendations will be in this area. We also have a good portion of trip ideas for the greater Southern California region. And there’s a handful of content from our travels to other states and countries if you’re looking to go farther.

We Make Videos For Our Kids & For You

Since our children were babies, we made the intentional decision to try and get them out and about as much as possible, both locally and farther away. Now they’re school-aged, so all our trip recommendations have been vetted as suitable for kids. We initially made videos of all our trips so our kids would remember them, but now they also serve as helpful content for you to discover new places and see what it’s like before making the trip.

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